About Us

The Garland Dream Center is a faith-based, non-profit organization located in Garland, Texas. We exist to serve people, cultivate growth, and connect with Jesus. 

Why Garland?

Garland, Texas is located in the Dallas Metroplex. With over 40% of the population being Hispanic and other ethnic backgrounds, the city of Garland is beautifully diverse. Starting in the 1960s, Garland began to grow rapidly and is now home to over 240,000 people. The communities we serve are largely made up of immigrants, single mothers, under-resourced families, and marginalized people. Our heart is to serve these people, cultivate growth in their lives, and provide opportunities to connect with Jesus.


The Garland Dream Center exists to serve our community. Our desire is to go beyond meeting the needs of people by building meaningful, lasting relationships. We want to serve our community in a way that provides dignity and empowers people to walk in their God-given identity.


Our heart at the Garland Dream Center is to help people break the ceiling of what they thought was possible. We want to help people dream again. Whether it is a single mom looking to receive higher education or a teenager who has never been given permission to dream, we exist to provide resources, training, and mentorship in order to cultivate growth among the people of our community.


At the Garland Dream Center, we believe that one encounter with Jesus can change everything. As we work to serve and cultivate growth in our community, we recognize that Jesus is the one who truly brings transformation and life. We want to invite Jesus into everything we do. Whether its KidzJam, outreach, or mentorship, our heart is to always create space where people can connect with Jesus.

Northplace Church

We are very thankful for the support of Northplace Church who have collaborated with us in the launching of Garland Dream Center.

Northplace Church believes that the Kingdom of God has come to expand into every area of our lives. Expansion means making a lot out of a little. It’s the power found in Biblical community to find hope, grace, and encouragement. Expansion means that following Jesus will take you places you didn’t expect. Places that are far beyond what you could have imagined for yourself.

Each of us are on a journey to give God more territory in our hearts each day, expanding to each part of our lives. Through us, the Kingdom of God then touches the lives of families, communities, and the world. Come and join this journey with us, at Northplace church.



Join us as we work to see lives changed in the city of Garland!